How to know the venue is right for you 

January 3, 2022
  1. You would feel sad if they said “sorry no dates left” – With the way the wedding industry is BOOMING we can not express enough how important it is to move quickly on your venue and vendors. At this point, a year and two years out there is just no guarantee. If you feel sad about the chance of losing your venue because of availability that means you need to follow your gut and move quickly. Get a tour scheduled
  2. It’s where you want to throw your first party as a married couple – When you think about all your friends dancing, laughing, saying hi after not seeing each other for so long, and more… where do you want that to be?
  3. It makes sense – If you were not raised in a barn… why get married there? Ok so that is funny but we are serious. Do not just pick place because it is “trendy”. Pick a place that when someone walks in they say “this is so them”. If it doesn’t make sense to your guests why you chose it, it is probably not a good choice. 
  4. You can imagine your wedding there – One of our favorite things to do on a tour is have a couple close their eyes and imagine walking down the aisle and their friends and family all watching. When you take yourself to that climax moment, can you envision it there? Well then that is a good fit for you! 

Photos by: Christy Gibson- Gibson Photographics