How to pick the right vendors

January 3, 2022
  • Response time is good 

This is a small detail that tells you a lot about how professional someone is and what the future could like working with them. We know grace can be necessary at times with holidays etc but overall communication should be prompt and clear.

  • Organized 

Organization is vital to a successful business. If a vendor seems to not remember any details, have no easy way to collect your info, or just seems scattered take that as a red flag. You want someone who seems like they have well thought out systems and experience.

  • Personal – not transactional 

A vendor should genuinely care about your wedding day and not make you feel like another transaction. You will know they care by the questions they ask and how they make you feel. You may think this is no big deal but when you are dealing with vendors you are spending your most important day with, you want to make sure your personalities mesh well.

  • You like their work/service/skill 

I bet you thought we would say this first but nope. The skill or the work they provide is important but if they are not professional it will not matter. The experience can make or break a service. If they check all these boxes and you love what they offer, we think it is a no brainer that they are a great fit for you!