Know the Difference

January 10, 2022

We know it can be hard to know the difference between each venue. Everyone structures their pricing and packages different, they offer different add-ons, and more. So how can you really tell what you are getting at one place vs. the other? We want to make it known what we believe the difference between us and other venues is.

  1. All day rental – A lot of venues structure their pricing with a 5 hour rental and more time is an additional fee. We do not operate that way here. We give you access to the WHOLE space from 8am-11pm. If you want an extra hour of reception time there is a $400 hourly fee. Outside of that, the space is yours the whole day!
  2. Family owned – We know there are pros and cons to a family owned business but we really believe this is a special place because of it. Our owners have been in the wedding industry as photographers for 11+ years and brought all that experience and knowledge into this place. Below us downstairs, their parents run one of Ohio’s first ever pizza shops. It has been a local staple here since 1961. Entrepreneurship runs in this family and you can count on them to give you an experience you’ll love.
  3. DIY OR all inclusive – We try and listen to the desires of every inquiry that comes in. We now know that there are two different couples. One that wants the space and wants to choose EVERYTHING themselves including their food. The other, one who wants to come in and know the venue has it covered. They just want to show up and trust our choice of vendors. We have created a DIY- rental only package AND we have created a package with our preferred caterer and vendors. There is room for both here!
  4. Large patio space – Remember that time we said our owners are photographers? Well they have been to a lot of venues over the years and we know for a fact we have a pretty large impressive patio space for ceremonies. It is currently under construction but when it is done we will have a showcase to show it off. It is 3500+ square feet of beautiful concrete! We can not wait to show you!
  5. Unique history and aesthetics – Our building was built in 1883 and has all of the charm from that time. We came in and tried to bring out all of those characteristics and not take away from them. The vaulted ceilings, large windows, exposed brick are all unique and timeless. The modern white wash brightens the room and the black chandeliers add an elegance and charm to it. Let us not forget to mention the plants. We know everyone loves our bridal suite and plants around our building.
  6. Decor is included – We have gathered lots of decor already in our short 6 months of being open. We have a whole collection and as time goes on it will get bigger. We have several arches, centerpieces, easels, stands, frames, candle sticks, votives, card boxes, table numbers, signage faux greenery and more. You can see a quick glance at everything we have on our Instagram highlights.