Our Buildings History

April 7, 2020

Mason Hall,” built in 1883, using brick from the local Dysart & Henderlick “tile mill,” is probably the oldest business building in The Burg. Several kinds of merchants have had their quarters on the ground floor: two or three general stores, a bank, a Christian bookstore and Western Union office, an art school, grocery stores, a post office, a bakery, the local Chamber of Commerce. On the second  floor (and up 16 stairs but in constant use anyway), “Mason’s Opera House” sheltered dances, high  school graduations, minstrel shows, Chautauqua shows, Lyceum courses, debates, basketball games, a duckpin bowling alley, a teen center, offices, shuffleboard courts, a furniture storage warehouse, and for 18 years at $1 a year, the Reynoldsburg-Truro Historical Society’s first Museum.  Nathaniel N. Mason probably did not expect his building to last 136 years constantly in use.

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